1. Cuban Link

From the recording Hardest Working Freshman EP


Cuban link (ice) (Yea)
Louie V (drip)
Laughing to the bank (haha)
like I’m Louis C (yea)
Brand new Buss down patek (shinin)
Bet they notice me (yea)
Pockets on Adele (fat)
rollin in the deep imma
And my face card
good on any street (on God)
And I pray the lord (please)
Smite my enemies
We the winning team (yea)
Drippin sauce
Payed the cost
Now imma boss (yea)
Drop my top
Hit the gas
Takin off (skrrrrr)
And I’m slidin
wit my slimes
Thas on slime (slat)
You had yours
Now it’s time
Gimme mines
Label hit me wit that advance
So I do my shmoney dance
Money bussin out my pants
Preston stay in high demand (yea)
You can't classify my style
I’m so versatile
Sonninv all you rappers
I’m yo daddy like I birthed a child
And I had to cut lil shorty off it wasn’t workin out
I married the racks
It's no goin back
Thas no cap
Out here runnin to check
You da rookie I’m the vet
All this ice around my
Got me frozen
Put the team on my back
Now Thumbin thru the racks
Touching down wit the pack
Anquan boldin
You niggas make me sick (achuuuuu)
Nigga I prayed for dis (blessed)
This ain’t no make a wish (nooooo)
Used to hide bands inside of a shoebox
Nigga I saved for dis
U jus out here clout chasin nigga u paid for dis

Cuban link (Ice yea)
Loui v (drip)
Laughing to the bank (haha)
Like I’m Loui c (yea)
brand new buss down patek (shinin)
Bet they notice me (yea)
Pockets on Adele (fat)
Rolling in the the deep
And my face card
Good on any street on (on god)
And I play the lord (please)
Smite my enemies (yea)
We the winnin team (yea)
Drippin sauce
Paid the cost
Now imma a boss (yea)
Drop my to
Hit the gas
Takin off

I put that work in the trenches
Now I’m swinging for the fences
Wen I pull-up in that tented
You should already know who’s in it
Ain’t no time for being timid
I had to boss up my vision
Never had to whip work in my kitchen
But I still know how to get it hey