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In todays Digital world without the right content and calculated delivery Artist/ Brands only see a small segment of the growth potential when attempting to maximize the TikTok algorithm. Unless Artist and Brands adapt to cultural demand it is impossible to connect and make an impact with your audience. As a marketing agency dedicated to Artist/ Brands we pride ourselves in providing increased  exposure for our creators on multiple platforms.

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Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. PrestonATL began his journey as a recording artist at the age of 19. He graduated from the School of Audio Engineering Institute of Atlanta (SAE) in 2018.  PrestonATL formed the label Suburban Sound LLC, in Summer 2020, while being released from his contract with the school system. In Winter 2021 PrestonATL released singles "Grizzy", "Grammy Flow", and "Hoodrich." He also released an EP titled "Hardest Working Freshman" and two music videos for "Grizzy" and "Grammy Flow" in Spring 2021.


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Once I realized God is in my corner, I experienced a new vigor to attack life, goals... Every day a new sense of purpose.”

— PrestonATL


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